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Blockchain consortium R3 is coming to Moscow


On the 14-16 of November international blockchain consortium R3 will hold 2 events in Moscow: a closed business-breakfast for the leaders of the fintech industry and an educational workshop for the developers.

In the course of these events, the leading developers of Corda platform and representatives of the company will demonstrate the functionality of Corda solution, a platform for managing financial liabilities for financial institutes, and present its possible applications, which are capable to transform the ways of traditional interactions.

The participants of the business breakfast have received the individual invitations, however an open meeting, after 1 p.m. on the 14th of November will be open for the attendance of the larger audience, though the preliminary registration is still requested.

The intensive workshop for the developers will focus mostly on the distributed financial applications, development of CorDapps and the basics of security maintenance. The registration for the workshop is available by the , the number of participants is limited.


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