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The prizewinners of the First Russian Crypto award will be announced in Moscow


On 23rd of November within the framework of Runet Awards 2017 the first winners will be rewarded with “Rcrypta” prizes, which was recently announced by RAEC, ROCIT, PravoRobotov and RUSINTERNETCOM.

«RcryptA»or Russian Crypto Awards is a nationwide Russian award in the field of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, mining, tokens and ICO (Initial Coin Offering, i.e. initial offering of tokens) rewarding outstanding performance of leading companies in the field of blockchain development, state and social institutions, business-structures, and individual entrepreneurs, who have contributed prominently into the development of Russian and world segments of blockchain and crypto technologies.

In 2017 the main crypto award of the country will be presented in 10 nominations (among which: «Crypto – person of the year», «ICO of the year», «The best specialized media – site», «The best decentralized project of the year», «The most remarkable state crypto initiative of the year», «For the contribution into the development of blockchain technologies», «Crypto-hype of the year»). Next year the number of the nominations will be considerably increased.

The guests of the First Russian crypto-award will be prominent entrepreneurs in the field of blockchain and crypto technologies, popular specialized media-sites and journalists, well-known professionals in the field.

The winners 2017 will be selected by the organizing committee of the Award. More details on the award can soon be found at


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