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Expert: “The volume of investments in Russian blockchain startups will demonstrate a multiple growth”


The chief- director of QIWI Blockchain Technologies Alexey Solovyov shared his estimates of the future development of the Russian blockchain investment market.

“According to our estimates, by the end of the first half of 2017, the market of blockchain projects in Russia was equivalent to 300-500 million rubles, excluding investments attracted by Russian projects via ICO. At the end of the year, I think, this number will reach a billion of rubles (16.5 mln$). In the nearest future, in 2018-2020, its volume will demonstrate a multiple growth. This growth will be driven mainly by the increase of the total number of the investments in blockchain sector, the wider adoption of blockchain solutions and the general rising interest to the technology, including Masterchain solution”

*QIWI is a leading provider of payment services in Russia and the CIS and a member of Russian Fintech Association. In 2016 the leader of the company Sergey Solonin became the head of RFA.

*Masterchain is a commercial platform built on the basis of distributed ledger technology to ensure safe and secure communication between banks and other financial institutions. The platform allows to quickly confirm the relevance of customer’s data or information about the transaction, therefore accelerating the exchange of information between the parties while ensuring the security and confidentiality in financial transactions.


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