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The overview of SteemFest Hackathon


At the beginning of  November SteemFest² was held in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. SteemFest is an annual event organized by founders of the social network Steemit.com – a blockchain-based rewarding platform for bloggers. The platform aims at monetization and promotion of high-quality content by means of rewarding publishers with Steem tokens. Steemit is famous for its crypto community which is populated with investors, miners, developers and regular blockchain enthusiasts.

SteemFest Blockchain Hackathon was also conducted in the framework of the fest as an integral part of the event. It took place in the location of LX Factory –  a modern area of Lisbon, industrial zone that was transformed into creative cluster.

The task was to develop working APP running on networks of prize-sponsor partners (Steem, Bitshares or Decent) for 24 hours.The prize pool consisted of three “Big Fat Fake Checks” for 1111 bitUSD, 1000 Steem and 2000 Steem (bitUSD – Bitshares Crypto Exchange token, steem – token of Steemit.com).

There were three main criteria for judging:

  • Usability and Value (the level of adding value to blockchain and end users)
  • Tech (the level of technology advancement)
  • Design and Interaction (the “polish” level of the concept)

SteemFest² itself involved more than 400 participants from 38 countries, but only 70 dared to take part in a hackathon.

All teams demonstrated high level of their knowledge in realm of blockchain. Among offered solutions there were ones that are to be mentioned with respect, those are: the service for recognition of Not Safe For Work content (NSFW rating), a platform for matching geolocation and blog posts (“steem roadmap”), the service for supporting minnows on steemit, and others.


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