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Russian entrepreneur wants to bring cryptotechnologies to the churches


The Russian entrepreneur Boris Akimov has initiated the integration of a farmers’ cryptocurrency biocoin with the economy of the monasteries and churches. As a part of this initiative, the orthodox charity fund “Pravzhizn’’ will implement blockchain technology for raising and spending money for the needs of the church.

Biocoin is a new cryptocurrency and a customized coin of a trade network LavkaLavka, which is already accepted by many national companies, for instance by the manufacturers of fertilizers,  fodders, and other goods, altogether more than 50 different companies. The founders of the charity fund express confidence that the integration with the cryptocurrency platform will provide new opportunities for the financing of the church projects.

During the interview with a local media, Boris Akimov explained that he wants to help the churches to implement innovative instruments for attracting more clients and financing. Press service of the charity fund stated, that the heads of the monasteries could be regarded as social entrepreneurs in modern times. Akimov added that the priests can connect the crypto wallets to the personal accounts on the fund website and exchange biocoins to fiat money immediately.  The donations will be accepted in all possible currencies but distributed in biocoins, for better transparency. 


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