Home News Bitcoin is among 3 most popular articles in Wikipedia

Bitcoin is among 3 most popular articles in Wikipedia

Explanatory article about Bitcoin got into the 3 top most popular topics in Russian version of Wikipedia, and “bitcoin” itself is listed among “10 top main words in 2017”.

In the top of 3 most popular articles of the Russian version of Wikipedia, “Bitcoin” got the 3rd place, straight after article about Russia and Vladimir Putin. It gained, even more, popularity than articles about the USA, president Trump, and “Game of Thrones”. The number of daily views of Bitcoin article has passed 11460.

According to Wikipedia Foundation Labs, which lists the most popular page rankings on a daily basis for the nonprofit encyclopedia globally, back in December ‘Bitcoin’ episodically got into the 3 world top most popular topics, leaving aside both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

Moreover, Google Trends reported recently that Bitcoin is becoming more regularly googled than gold by investors even last month.



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